Gita in Kaliyuga

Raod to succes, prosperity and happiness

leading to self realization and


by:  P.K. alias Bhai Gavankar.



I dedicate this book


my late wife Shalini P. Gavankar

who gave me company for 26 years

and departed this world with her last

wish that I write on spiritualism.      


I feel happy today that I have

been able to fulfil her last wish.


I have been thinking of writing this book for several years. Finally, it is written in 28 days, beginning on 23rd of May and ending on 19th of June 1997 at Spiritual Centrum  "Kali Yuga" in Lelystad, Netherlands. I cannot forget the people who inspired me and without whose persistent persuasion it would not have been possible for me to write this book. I owe my gratitude and thanks to them. However, I must mention some names. Firstly I am indebted to my father, late Dr. K.B. Gavankar who was a saintly person, and was blessed by Sai Baba in person in January 1918. I was with him from my childhood on his pilgrimages and had the rare fortune of receiving blessings from many saints and yogis. In 1953 he gave me "Dnyaneshwari", the Marathi commentary on Gita, to read. It took me 42 years to get an insight into its meaning, and I experienced the truths mentioned therein. I felt that Gita is for people living in Kaliyuga. My thanks are due also to my Guru, late Pandit Padmanabh Shastri Palaye who initiated me on spiritual path in 1956. I am greatly indebted to a Yogi, named Krishnaji, with whom I was associated from 1953 for a few years. He is somewhere in the Himalayas now. I owe my ability to write and express what I experience, to him.

However, it was my wife, late Shalini P. Gavankar who just two days before she expired, said to me, "You write. Instead of giving discourses, concentrate and write. You  must do this for me." These were her last words to me, on 28 January 1989. Since then I wanted to write but could not concentrate. I am greatly indebted to her for her last words, which made it binding upon me to make this effort. Other people who have been always telling me to write, are all my brothers and two sisters, as well as my adopted daughter Mrs. Shubhangi Dilip Tirodkar, who has repeatedly told me to sit at one place and write. I am grateful to all of them.

I must make a special mention of Ruud Kornet and Yvonne Bryan who run the Spiritual Centrum "Kali Yuga" in Lelystad, Netherlands. They have been continuously asking me to write what I lecture upon. They called me several times at my residence in Navi Mumbai, India and also sent several Fax messages. Finally, realising that I may not get the required solitude in Mumbai, they invited me to their centre in Lelystad, and promised all co-operation and undisturbed seclusion, as long as I needed. This was a great gesture and I accepted their invitation. Both of them have put in their time and efforts in typing the manuscript on a PC, taking out prints, making corrections and editing the entire book, as well as negotiating with publishers to get it in circulation. Any amount of thanks to them will be too short of their selfless service, enthusiasm and initiative go get this book out.

Finally. I thank all my friends who have always encouraged me to take upon this task. I express my sincere and heart felt gratitude to all.


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